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Sew Science Cuddly Critters

Lower Age: 8+
Price: $15
Year Added: 2016
Sew Science 1
Sew Science 2
Sew Science 3

Sew Science Cuddly Critters is a DIY electronics kit that provides the materials for children to create three different light-up fabric animals. Included in the kit are 4 sewable LED lights, a heart-shaped battery holder with 2 lithium batteries & push button, 3 meters conductive thread, 4 die-cut felt squares, 3 sets of snaps, 8 meters embroidery thread, 1 plastic sewing needle, 1 oz of stuffing, and a small instructional pamphlet. Assembly is safe, fun, and easy with a plastic needle and precut felt pieces. The goal of this kit is for children to create all three animals - a fox, a monkey, and a panda - then connect all three together by their conductive “hands” to make them glow! The provided instruction manual goes through each step to make the process easy for even younger children. Children will enjoy this fun hands on kit that teaches them the basics of electricity and circuits through a unique activity, while they learn some simple craft and sewing skills along the way. Engineering thinking and design is supported by the simple introduction to circuits and the basic spatial reasoning skills necessary to assemble the kit.



Engineering thinking and design practices the gift encourages children to do or learn about: NA


Engineering text or context explicitly provided by the gift: NA


Additional practices and skills needed by engineers that were addressed by the gift:

Spatial reasoning, perseverance



Overall ratings: 

  • Children Reviews
    • Rating: NA
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  • Parents Reviews
    • Rating: NA
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  • Engineering & STEM Experts Reviews
    • Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0
    • Feedback:
      • “Enormously cute and a fun weekend project for young kids, but there are other toys that teach the fundamentals of electricity with greater depth, while also giving children some freedom to design their own creations.”