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Mini Activity Kit Play Learn Code

Lower Age: 8+
Year Added: 2019

    Mini Activity Kit Play Learn Code by Sphero is a robotic game for children ages 8 and above. It comes with 15 activity cards of varying difficulty levels, six pins, three cones, 28 pieces constituting the construction set, and an app-enabled robotic ball. The Sphero Play app that is needed in order to control the robotic ball can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore and is compatible with most Apple, Android, and Amazon Devices. After the robot is connected to the app, children can choose one of six available drive modes which include joystick, slingshot, tilt, face drive, scream drive, and kick. The app can also be used to change the color, speed, and brightness of the ball as desired. After setting up the robot, children can utilize the activity cards to create a challenge for the robot with the construction set pieces. For example, children can create a maze and use the joystick drive mode to move the ball through it. Children can also download the Sphero EDU app for more activities and challenges, including basic coding of the robot using either block coding or Javascript. 

    Children are encouraged to use their creative and logical thinking skills to determine the best driving mode to complete a challenge. For instance, if the child is challenged to knock the pins down like in bowling, they need to decide what driving option would be best suited for the task. In this case, it might be better to aim the robot at the pins using the slingshot mode rather than the joystick mode. The challenge cards encourage skills in problem solving and critical thinking as children determine the proper solution. Children are also free to use the construction set and their imagination to create their own challenges promoting creative thinking and design. The unique interface of Mini Activity Kit Play Learn Code makes it an exciting toy to promote engineering thinking and design.