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Flexistix Multi-Tower Kit

Lower Age: 4+
Price: $29.99
Year Added: 2018

The Flexistix Multi-Tower Kit is a design toy for children ages three and up. It contains multiple bamboo sticks, flexible plastic joints and two manuals: one with instructions for different projects and another with a scale drawing of each of the pieces. The toy is played with by clipping the sticks into the flexible connector pieces in different ways to construct different structures. The manual has four different projects outlined for the player to follow before they design on their own. This gift is incredibly versatile for its simplicity, allowing for an enormous variety in design. The flexible joints do a wonderful job of giving the builder more options with the orientation of the structural bamboo rods. The kit allows for the player to learn about structures in a simple and fun way. Unfortunately this toy does not discuss any of the science involved on its own, but it will help a young child develop good intuition about spatial reasoning. This kit encourages children to think creatively in order to design their own, fun structures.