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Monster Sock Factory

Lower Age: 8+
Year Added: 2019

Monster Sock Factory is a 2-3 player game from Logic Roots, for children 8 and up. This game focuses on teaching multiplication skills with an appealing cartoon style, and presents basic, advanced, and expert-level competitive math puzzles. Each one is designed to challenge and develop the child’s mathematical skills in multiplication. The game includes 270 sock cards (each of which represents a number from 1-9), 37 basic puzzles or “order cards”, 15 advanced “challenge cards” that can be added to make puzzles more advanced, and 20 expert-level “plus-minus cards”, as well as a rulebook. 


The game provides players with a short problem statement in the form of an introduction: in the game’s land of “Dimis” live cute little monsters with anywhere between 1 and 9 legs. The players are told that it gets very cold in Dimis, so demand for fuzzy, warm socks is high. For the basic difficulty, take out only the order cards (there are 37 of them) and the sock packets. The youngest player starts the game by picking up an order card with a number listed on it. For example with a card that asks for 20 socks, the player can either pack 5 socks for a monster with 4 legs, or 4 socks for a monster with 5 legs (a hint would show these two monsters). After one player has made their move, it’s the next player’s turn. The player who ships all 10 sock packets for any 6 monsters wins.


Continuing to the advanced level of play, players combine the challenge cards with the order cards. The challenge cards include more sock orders, wild cards, and skip cards. A wild card could mean either pack all sock packets to any monster, or pass 1 or 2 sock packets of the same monster to other players. Keep playing as in the basic game. The expert level uses the last stack of cards: the Plus-Minus cards. The players take two of these cards and put the stack of Plus-Minus cards facing down. Whenever the player uses one of the two Plus-Minus cards, he/she can grab a new one. The function of these cards is to change the value in the order cards. For example, if the order card is 49 and the Plus-Minus card is 1, then the player can change the order card to 48 or 50. 


Monster Sock Factory is presented with a colorful and whimsical approach, and it’s possible that even children younger than the recommended age would benefit from it. One feature that improves the educational value of the game is the inclusion of “parents’ guide” tips on each page of the rulebook, helping give parents or teachers an idea of what children should take away from each part of the game. All in all, the game provides players with an entertaining way to practice mathematics and strategy skills while still maintaining some degree of competitive play.


Engineering thinking and design practices the gift encourages children to do or learn about: 

Define a problem, plan a solution, analyze a solution, recognize patterns, apply mathematical skills


Engineering text or context explicitly provided by the gift:

A problem solved by developing a new or improved object, tool, or process, a client, constraints 


Additional practices and skills needed by engineers that were addressed by the gift:

Critical thinking, perseverance, logical thinking



Overall ratings:

  • Engineering & STEM Experts Reviews

    • Rating: 3.33 out of 5.0

    • Feedback:

      • "This is a great game for children to learn multiplication and other math skills, but the focus is more on math than engineering or design."

      • “This toy is a great tool to help children learn math while making them feel like they’re playing a game.”