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Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House

Lower Age: 8+
Year Added: 2019

ArchiTECH: Electronic Smarthouse, by SMARTLAB Toys, is a building and circuitry kit intended for ages eight and older. Included with the kit are 20 circuitry projects with building and electrical components consisting of wires, LEDs, motors, batteries, light sensors, and more. Following the manual, the user starts with a modular building system where the first step is to create a floor plan, the second step is to create a frame by adding posts to the base boards, the third step is to attach electronic components and wire them to the battery (The player can have several electrical components function at the same time, controlling these functions individually by adding switches.), and the final step is decorating the project with floor and wall panels. While this is the general process the user has to follow for building architecture, they have the freedom to be creative and design their own unique architecture or be inspired by the projects presented in the manual. 

The kit teaches basic physics by applying the mechanisms of a pulley using the kit’s spindles and strings and provides a simple understanding of circuits by using conducting ports and plugging the correct wires to their respective ports. By using ArchiTECH, children have an early introduction to physics and circuits while having the freedom to be inspired and build any type of architecture.