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The Race to Space: From Sputnik to the Moon

Author: Clive Gifford
Lower Age: 7
Upper Age: 11
Year Added: 2019

The Race to Space, written by Clive Gifford and illustrated by Paul Daviz, is a book that tells the story of how the United States strived to put a man on the moon. It talks about the competitive race between the USSR and the US, and explains many of the events that happened throughout history to achieve this goal. The book begins at the origins of the space race and covers many of the significant milestones achieved by both sides. While providing a great amount of detail about each space achievement, the book also discusses the technology that was created and used for the different missions. The Race to Space also places emphasis on the lead scientists and engineers who created the technology, often calling them by name and providing some biographical details about them.

    The detailed story and strong emphasis on space technology makes The Race to Space an excellent choice for young readers interested in space travel or aerospace engineering. The book promotes the creative and critical thinking skills needed in the development of new space technology and shows how people can come together and collaborate to solve a problem many believe is impossible. Overall, The Race to Space is a great book for readers of all ages to learn the history of space travel and how humans reached the stars.