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The Book of Space Rockets

Author: Neil Clark
Lower Age: 5
Upper Age: 7
Price: $14.95
Year Added: 2019

The Book of Space Rockets by Neil Clark is a book about the engineering and technology behind rockets. This book is intended for ages 5 to 7, but older kids will still enjoy it. The cute characters of Cogz, Nutty, and Bolt give the book a story-like feeling rather than simply being a collection of facts. They guide the reader through various types and iterations of space technology, including rockets, lunar modules, mars rovers, space stations, and satellites. The information presented is fairly in-depth, not just going over different types of rockets and how they are designed, but also the fuel systems and different stages of rocket flight. This level of detail can be expected for every type of space tech covered.

    The Book of Space Rockets is a great book for any young reader interested in space or aerospace engineering as it encourages children to think about how technology is designed or modified to function in the harsh environments of space. The book provides information about the designs and purposes of space technology in simple language that will connect with just about anyone. Grown-ups will likely enjoy reading this book with their child, as well as discussing what they are learning. The Book of Space Rockets is an excellent choice that children are sure to love!