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___'s Little Book of Dreams

Author: cuSTEMizable
Lower Age: 5
Upper Age: 12
Price: $40.00
Year Added: 2016

_______’s Little Book of Dreams is a customizable (cuSTEMizable) book that allows children to design their own character - creating an STEM book just for them. As the reader goes through the book, they get to explore the many career options within the STEM field. Written in a playful rhyming scheme, each page of the book offers unique descriptions of each career path. Some of the jobs explored include,  chemist, astronaut, veterinarian, and biologist, along with  a simple description of what it means to be a problem solving engineer. This book will push children to ask questions about each particular field, which will guide their interests as they start to understand the needs and concerns behind each career and what they mean to the world around us.

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