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Girls who code Baby Code

Author: Sandra Horning
Lower Age: 0
Upper Age: 3
Year Added: 2019

Girls Who Code: Baby Code, written by Sandra Horning and illustrated by Melissa Crowton, is a short book intended for, well, babies aged 0-3 years. It’s an entertaining book that introduces the basic ideas of programming and familiarity of basic logic at a very young age. The book is easy to read with simple words and clever illustrations that make it easy for babies to follow along with. This book discusses programming concepts by comparing real life scenarios to how one might code to have a computer do the same thing.

    The illustrations nicely showcase the various tasks the baby in the book is capable of doing and then creatively compares it to what code can accomplish. They are relatable to the real world and easy to follow along with. Overall, Girls Who Code: Baby Code is a really clever way to introduce the concept of coding to such a young age group.