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Curious Creatable Creatures: 22 STEAM Projects...

Author: Sam Haynor
Lower Age: 8
Upper Age: 12
Year Added: 2019

Curious Creatable Creatures, by Sam Haynor, is a book that combines arts and crafts projects with simple science experiments to promote STEAM learning, for ages 8 and up. While some of the projects are just cute crafts, many contain engineering and science principles. Children are able to follow simple directions to create their own monster friends, each with a unique story. Children are encouraged to use their imagination while making each project. Many of the projects use materials such as batteries, LEDs, and wires to add a STEAM twist to the projects such as having projects light up, spin, and act as a temporary magnet. Each project with a STEAM aspect has a section at the end, explaining the science of what the reader just built and how it works. Many of the projects also have a section with questions to consider about the project and ways the project could be modified to experiment further.

Curious Creatable Creatures does an excellent job promoting creative thinking and design by encouraging creativity and the use of imagination to create the projects. Children are given the opportunity to explore different STEAM principles in a fun and interactive way. While most aspects of the projects can be easily completed alone by children, some projects will require adult assistance. Overall, this book is an excellent choice for children who enjoy both arts and crafts and engineering concepts.