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Toca Builders

Lower Age: 6
Upper Age: 9
Year Added: 2019

Toca Builders is a building app by Toca Boca, intended for children ages 6-9. This sandbox-style game features 6 characters, each with different abilities: Cooper the Ball, Blox the Hammer, Connie the Crane, Vex the Jumper, Jum-Jum the Painter, and Stretch the Tall. Each of these builders is player-controlled, and all of them must work together under the player’s guidance to reach their goals. For example, Blox can create a row of blocks and Connie can put them where they need to be. This is a very open-ended game, although the parent’s guide (accessible through the app’s menu screen) does provide adults with some guidelines to give players challenges to aid in their learning.

    Toca Builders has all of the engineering benefits of any good sandbox, block-building game; spatial reasoning skills, design experiences, creative thinking, and planning all make a strong showing. Toca Builders sets itself apart as a great collaborative game; no one character can make a structure by themselves. This presents users with one of the most basic tenets of professional engineering: almost every engineering project is the product of diverse skillsets. Toca Builders is an entertaining and captivating introduction to this concept.