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Pettson's Inventions 2

Lower Age: 6
Upper Age: 8
Price: $2.99
Year Added: 2016

Pettson’s Inventions 2, the sequel to Pettson’s Inventions, is a single-player app game where children complete Rube Goldberg-like machines to solve different puzzles and help old man Pettson and his cat, Findus. There are 37 different puzzles that gradually increase in difficulty. Pettson’s Inventions 2 teaches logic and stimulates creativity for children of all ages. Objects or animals on certain levels are designed to be amusing for players, such as a cow that runs on a treadmill. Players must drag and drop different parts until they find where each fits within the machinery. However, not all parts provided in each level must be used in the machine. Alternatively, the “fake” parts feature may be disabled so that only the parts that will be used on a given level appear in the toolbox. The game promotes engineering thinking and design as children think creatively about how to build the machines. This is especially the case as the function of some parts may not be immediately clear. Children must think about the possible uses of each part before attempting to place them in the machine. Additionally, the game promotes design, evidence-based reasoning, and pattern recognition as players learn what each object does and the general patterns in the machine designs.



Engineering thinking and design practices the gift encourages children to do or learn about: Define a problem, ask questions, generate ideas, apply science


Engineering text or context explicitly provided by the gift: A problem, criteria, constraints

Additional practices and skills needed by engineers that were addressed by the gift: Spatial Reasoning, creative thinking, design, evidence-based reasoning, problem solving



Overall ratings:

  • Children Reviews
    • Rating: NA
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  • Parents Reviews
    • Rating: NA
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  • Engineering & STEM Experts Reviews
    • Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0
    • Feedback:
      • A very imaginative and fascinating app, really challenges the user’s creativity and ability to think outside of the practical purpose of certain objects.”