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Fox Factory

Lower Age: 8+
Year Added: 2019

Fox Factory is a building puzzle app by Pango, designed for ages 7 and up. In the first moments of the game, the player’s presented with an urgent need for their help- a storm has come through the town and nearly everything has been destroyed. The protagonist Fox needs the player’s help to start to rebuild. 

In order to help, the player must assemble conveyor belts that cut, rotate, paint, glue, etc to create the pieces Fox needs to rebuild the structures. The game starts off with simple tasks, asking the player to move the individual pieces from one side of the work space to the other. Quickly the game progresses adding in more obstacles and complex pieces that must match in shape, orientation, and color, but also gives the player more tools to use in their solution process. The player now must plan out their solution and make changes as necessary to have the proper piece reach the end. While the difficulty does progressively increase, the game remains at a level where younger players will still not find it too complicated. 

Fox Factory helps young children build their problem solving and perseverance skills, as well as promoting iterative design and shape recognition. The cute characters will certainly appeal to young engineers, and provide a challenging set of puzzles at the same time!