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Lower Age: 14+
Year Added: 2019

Brilliant, by Brilliant Worldwide Inc., is an unusual selection for inclusion in this guide, as it’s a website for students of all ages who are eager to challenge themselves beyond the classroom. Available in both a free and paid premium version, Brilliant is appropriate for a range of people from freshman in high school to students who have long since left the formal education system. Brilliant provides basic courses in a wide range of STEM topics from logic puzzles, math, computer science, physics and chemistry. Each day there is a daily challenge that rotates subjects. Each challenge begins with an explanation of the background of the problem and questions ask the user to apply that knowledge a step further. Regardless if the user gets the question right or wrong, they’re provided with explanation along with access to forum discussion from other users. 

Beyond the daily challenges there are courses in each subject that progresses the users through lessons written in easy to understand language while asking users questions along the way. The learning process is very hands on and engages the user to learn why they might have gotten a question wrong or right. The same daily challenges are available in both the free and paid versions, as  are all courses, but the free version can only view the first lesson in each course. 

Much of what Brilliant teaches is important for engineering, both in terms of academic knowledge and in terms of the thought processes that are crucial in developing solutions. Engineering is the process of taking technical and scientific concepts and using them creatively to solve problems, and Brilliant is a way to develop the engineering mind’s toolbox.