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Engineering Gift Guide Project Student Leadership

Megan Baldwin

Megan Baldwin Headshot
Communications and Public Relations Lead

Megan Baldwin is a senior in Human Resource Development with a minor in HR Management and on route to receiving the Certification for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She has been on the INSPIRE gift guide team for one year.

"My favorite thing about the Guide is how creative and inclusive it is and how there are so many engineering-related toys to spark interest in children of all ages and backgrounds! :)"

Andrew Lake

Andrew Lake Headshot
Project Coordinator

Andrew Lake is a junior studying Electrical Engineering and pursuing minors in History and Materials Science & Engineering. He has been on the gift guide project since his freshman year and in his third year. 

"Before my time with the Guide, I'd never realized how much engineering there can be in a toy. It's really put into context those toys and games (like marble runs) that I loved so much as a kid."

Daniela Paiz

Daniela Paiz Headshot
Administrative Project Lead

Daniela Paiz is a senior in Chemical Engineering. She started on the gift guide team in May 2019.

"What I like about the guide is that I get to experience what I missed out as a child. All the games and toys that could’ve gotten me more excited about physics, engineering, and math. When I was a kid, I used to play with more gender specific toys and I am just glad that I know now all of these different toys for my future children."

Elizabeth Schaaf

Elizabeth Schaaf Headhsot
Review Team Lead

Elizabeth Schaaf is a junior in Multidisciplinary Engineering with a concentration in Theatre Engineering. This is her second year on the gift guide team.

"My favorite part of working on the gift guide is seeing all the new, unique toys that are submitted each year. I love all the new and unexpected ways people are finding to teach engineering concepts to kids. It is great to be able to share all these incredible toys with families and children who will enjoy them as much as we do!"