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Design & Drill Space Circuits

Lower Age: 5
Upper Age: 8
Price: $49.99
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Top 10 Pick: "Blast off to circuit building fun with 20 space-themed challenges!"

Design & Drill Space Circuits by Educational Insights is a circuits toy for ages five and up that presents its challenges through space missions! The kit includes a space circuits board, an instruction booklet, a battery pack, an electric screwdriver, bolts, and circuit connectors with lights and switches. The battery pack and screwdriver both require three AA batteries, which are not included. Each piece is safe for children to use and instructions are clear in avoiding short circuits. Reading is necessary to take full advantage of the kit, and adult supervision is recommended. The instruction book details space missions to be completed by creating different circuits with the materials provided and then using the electric screwdriver to connect the components. The screwdriver is easy to use and the components are easy to put together.

Design and Drill Space Circuits

Design & Drill Space Circuits is a great gift for a young engineer because it teaches children about basic circuits and problem solving. The instructions include information about the types of circuits and how they work. The kit also allows children to experiment with creating their own circuits and understanding how circuits can be used. Children learn to define a problem through the provided mission statement. They must then build a circuit that meets the criteria of the mission using their problem solving skills. Children must also test their solution by checking if the components in their circuit behave as expected when they complete construction or flip the switch. Users are able to develop their circuit building and problem solving skills for twenty exciting missions!

This kit provides a great way to learn how to use circuits because the space theme and the missions help give context to the circuits created. The illustrations for each mission complement the kit well and make creating the circuits much more exciting. Children will also enjoy drilling their own bolts to connect the circuits. Design & Drill Space Circuits provides perfect hands-on learning for circuits and problem solving!

Framework Categories

Engineering Design Process (Potential)
Apply Science, Engineering, Mathematics Knowledge
Conceptions of Engineers and Engineering
Engineering Tools and Processes
Issues, Solutions, and Impacts
Spatial Reasoning (Potential)

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One reviewer said,

"This is an awesome toy for teaching children about an introduction to circuits. The space theme and story that goes along with the missions gives context to the toy and helps the circuit making more interesting and exciting. I also believe that children will love to use the toy electronic drill to connect the pieces of the circuit together."