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Weights Balance Game

Lower Age: 3
Upper Age: 6
Price: $27.99
Year Added: 2020
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TOP 10 PICK: A balancing beam with a variety of weighted blocks that are magnetized for ease of use and creative balancing for young children.

The game comes with a wooden balancing beam, sixteen wooden blocks in a variety of weights and colors, and four double-sided challenge cards. Children use the challenge cards to determine which blocks will go on each side of the beam. Children must determine how far from the center of the beam the blocks must go in order to balance it. The blocks stick to the beam with magnets contained in the base. This is an excellent addition, as the blocks will not slide or fall off when the beam tilts, allowing children to easily rearrange the blocks without starting over from scratch.

Weights Balancing Game

While balancing the beam, children build critical thinking, spatial reasoning and problem solving skills. It may take more than one attempt to correctly balance the beam, promoting iterative design and perseverance skills. While the game is recommended for ages 3-6, it would be an excellent game for younger children as well! Weights is an excellent introductory toy into engineering thinking and hands-on exploration!

Framework Categories

Apply Science, Engineering, Mathematics Knowledge
Spatial Reasoning

Moore, T.J., Glancy, A.W., Tank, K.M., Kersten, J.A., Smith, K.A., & Stohlmann, M.S.  (2014). A framework for quality K-12 engineering education: Research and developmentJournal of Precollege Engineering Education Research, 4(1), 1-13. 

One reviewer said,

"I absolutely love this game! The pieces are beautifully made and of excellent quality. There is a nice assortment of challenge cards and options for playing . I really like how the pieces are magnetic. It makes it much easier to adjust the locations to balance the beam when the pieces are not sliding off. Young children will enjoy the challenge this toy presents and have fun adjusting the weights to balance. I think this is an excellent game to start building engineering skills at a young age."