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Addy-matic and the Toasterrific!

Author: Curtis Mark Williams
Lower Age: 4
Upper Age: 8
Price: $9.99
Year Added: 2020
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TOP 10 PICK: "Inspired by a real Rube Goldberg project that the author Curtis Mark Willams and his daughter Addy built in her toy room."

Addy-matic and the Toasterrific! book cover

Addy-matic and the Toasteriffic! is a book for ages 4 to 8 written by Curtis Mark Williams and illustrated by Pascale Lafond. 

The story follows a girl named Addy who is not a morning person. She wishes there was some way her toast could already be toasted for her when she walks down the stairs in the morning.

Addy develops a chain reaction using items from around her house that will cause the toast to be cooked automatically in the morning. Addy builds upon her design at each step until she is satisfied that it will work. For example, she uses a mouse trap to pull the toaster handle, but then needs something to trigger the mouse trap so she sets up a broom to knock a toy mouse onto the mouse trap. The mouse triggers the trap, which pulls the toaster handle. She continues this chain reaction design until she has a starting point that she can trigger from her room. The book promotes critical thinking and designing a process to solve  a problem.

Addy is creative in her design by utilizing items from around her house encouraging creative thinking. Addy-matic and the Toasteriffic is an excellent book for children to learn about problem solving and design.

Framework Categories

Engineering Design Process
Apply Science, Engineering, Mathematics Knowledge
Engineering Thinking

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A reviewer's gift recommendation

"Many children will relate to Addy's desire to stay in bed and will likely the fun story of her solution to having to make breakfast. Addy's fun way of using her surroundings to problem solve and create a new 'invention' may encourage children to try to create something like Addy did."