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3Doodler Create+ Learn From Home Pen Set

Lower Age: 14+
Price: $89.99
Year Added: 2020
Product Video:
"This all-in-one individual learning pack enables kids ages 14+ to explore difficult concepts hands-on in 3D, boosting their creativity and confidence."

3Doodler Create+ Learn from Home Pen Set

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Create + Learn From Home Set by 3Doodler is a 3D printing pen and kit that is intended for children 14+.

This set comes with the 3Doodler pen, a power cord, tools to fix the pen, an assortment of plastic filaments, and nine challenge cards. Users have the opportunity to create 3D structures with a pen that performs very similarly to a 3D printer; once the filament has been loaded inside the pen, the 3Doodler extrudes plastic exactly like a hot glue gun. The pen has two speed settings to dictate how quickly the filament flows out of the pen. The kit also comes with challenge cards which allow the user to pick a design, create the individual pieces, and then connect the pieces together to form a cohesive structure. The pieces can be directly drawn onto the cards, which allows for precision in the creation of the piece and leads to an overall more stable final product. The 3Doodler pen does have a learning curve, as even the slow speed setting can seem fast to a new user, but the user will get the hang of it with time. The 3Doodler pen also has a Youtube video that details how to use the pen if the user is still having trouble.

This 3Doodler set motivates users to exercise their creative thinking, as the set only includes nine challenge cards. The user is able to decide what they want to print, design it, and bring it to life all on their own, which cultivates important design and spatial reasoning skills. For example, the user can create and wear a pair of earrings of their own design! This toy prompts users to truly push their own creative boundaries, as the sky's the limit for the amount of ideas they can develop. As a whole, the Create + Learn From Home Set by 3Doodler encourages users to be creative and explore the world of design with their limitless imagination.

Framework Categories

Engineering Design Process
Engineering Tools and Processes
Spatial Reasoning

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One reviewer said,

"This 3D doodler set gives children the ability to doodle with hardening plastic on both flat and 3D surfaces. Children can draw with the plastic and have it harden into a fun trinket or useable object. The pen allows allow children to draw straight up into the air creating 3D objects. 2D shapes can also be joined to create fun 3D objects. The kit comes with a fun variety and stencils to use as inspiration for things to create, but the only limit is a child's imagination. There are also many tutorials online. Children learn spatial reasoning and design skills with this fun toy."

A reviewer's recommendation

"This gift was relatively easy to use but there is definitely a learning curve for getting the pen to work exactly as you want it to. It does take a significant amount of time to complete each design and there is a lot of trial and error but overall it is a good gift to get the users interested in 3D printing and design. I would say, though, that this toy would not be practical for users under the age of 10-12 because it can be difficult to create the designs, which can make the users less interested in finishing the design, and the pen gets especially hot which can be dangerous to younger users."