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Pocket Brainteaser The Fifth Chair

Lower Age: 8+
Price: $9.99
Year Added: 2020
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A brainteaser puzzle that promotes critical and critical thinking.

Fifth Chair Pocket BrainteaserThe Fifth Chair is a puzzle consisting of 4 chair shaped puzzle pieces of different sizes but similar structure. The player needs to think of a way to arrange the small chairs in a manner so that they can be put together to form a big chair.

We reviewed four individually solvable puzzles by Thinkfun - Rec-tangle, 4-Piece Jigsaw, 4-T Puzzle, and The Fifth Chair. 

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The fact that Pocket Brainteaser comes as a set of 4 smaller puzzles, makes it feasible for both single and multiplayer play. This game makes for perfect brain exercise and can keep one on their toes. It encourages one to stay focused, and keep trying until they reach the solution, thus building qualities like perseverance. It also indirectly promotes the idea that there are various ways to solve a problem at hand (and thus does not come with a solution manual). This is a perfect game for helping a child bring out both their creative and engineering sides.

Pocket Brainteasers

Framework Categories

Engineering Thinking
Computational Thinking
Spatial Reasoning

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