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Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle

Lower Age: 8+
Price: $14.99
Year Added: 2020
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"A popular game made into a puzzle with 40 scenarios and varying levels of difficulty."

Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle

Available to purchase from Wonderland Toys

Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle is a puzzle by Thinkfun. It comes with a hardcover booklet comprising nine magnetic tokens, two magnetic puzzle boards, and three sets of puzzles and solutions at beginner, intermediate, and advanced difficulty levels.

The aim of the first two difficulty levels is to try and place the magnetic tokens in such a way that they satisfy all of the given clue constraints. For the advanced difficulty level, the player is given a set of negative clues and needs to make sure that, in addition to placing the tokens correctly according to the positive clues, the solution satisfies the negative clues as well. The positive clues give the player an idea about where to place the tokens, whereas the negative clues place certain restrictions on where they cannot place a token. The increase in difficulty is a direct result of these added constraints.

Unlike larger, more traditional board games, Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle can be played at home or on the go because the puzzle tokens are magnetic and won’t slip off the game board. This game helps one challenge their thinking capabilities and teaches them to keep trying and not give up on a problem. It calls for a player to have strong critical thinking and problem solving skills and is great for both single and team play. Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle is a fun game that keeps players on their toes and serves as a great brain teaser.

Framework Categories

Engineering Thinking
Computational Thinking
Spatial Reasoning

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Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle

One reviewer said,

"The game presents the player with a set of Minecraft themed logic puzzles that they must solve. Each puzzle gives the player clues showing a color, shape, or specific item that goes or does not go in a square. The player must use these clues to determine where the nine pieces fit. Each puzzle has only one solution. Players use critical thinking, design, and logic skills to determine the solution. Sometimes the original plan does not work and the pieces must be rearranged teaching perseverance and iterative design."

A reviewer's recommendation

"I thought this game was super fun! I really enjoyed the varying difficulty levels of the puzzles. The easy challenges were quite simple and the expert level was very difficult. Many different age groups would be able to play this game at a level suited for them. I think the Minecraft theme of the game is fun and is something children will relate to and enjoy. The pieces are nice quality and are magnetic making this an excellent toy for an on-the-go activity. There are 40 puzzles included and the difficulty of the advanced levels means it will take some time to complete all of the puzzles. Overall, this was a very fun toy!"