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Shape Factory Geometry Board Game

Lower Age: 4+
Price: $19.99
Year Added: 2020
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"Collaborate to build everyday things from geometrical shapes and guess what they represent!"

Shape Factory Board Game

Shape Factory by Ojo is a game for ages four and up that helps children learn about geometry and how shapes can fit together to create objects.

The game includes a game board, a variety of colorful shape tiles, object cards, and an hourglass. The goal of the game is for players to work together to fulfill production orders as they’re illustrated on the production cards. Once six production orders have been fulfilled, the players win. It is similar to Pictionary, but players must “draw” objects using only the provided shape tiles. Each player takes turns picking up an object card and creating the larger shape of the object presented on the card using the shape tiles. While the timer is running, other players try to guess the object being created. The kit includes multiple challenge cards, offering a range of difficulty. Although designed for younger children, the game is enjoyable for all ages.

This game promotes engineering thinking and design by introducing problem solving, criteria and constraints, collaboration, spatial reasoning skills, and creative thinking. Players enhance their problem solving skills by working towards completing object cards. They must follow the criteria of the target object within the constraints of the shape tiles they are provided. Players are encouraged to collaborate throughout the game; winning Shape Factory is a team effort, so players must work together to succeed together. This game enhances children’s spatial reasoning skills as well by allowing children to experiment with how different shapes can be combined to form the shapes of larger objects. Players learn creativity by finding unique ways to form the objects they are assigned. Shape Factory is an amazing game that provides the perfect introduction to engineering and design for young children!

Framework Categories

Engineering Design Process
Engineering Thinking
Spatial Reasoning

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One reviewer said,

"Shape factory is a combination of Pictionary and tanagrams where players are given a challenge card with an animal or shape that they will recreate with the provide shape pieces. The shape pieces include diamonds, triangles, squares, circles, etc. The player is given one minute to create their animal/object while the other players attempt to guess the shape. Players practice the iterative design process as they arrange the shapes and reconfigure them as necessary to help the other players guess the shape. This game as builds spatial reasoning skills and promotes critical and creative thinking."

A reviewer's recommendation

"This game was very fun! I initially thought it would be too easy for older age groups, but it actually requires a lot of thinking and can provide a challenge for any age. However, it is not too difficult for young age groups. It is a great game for any age to play. The included instruction manual has very clear directions and also contains possible solutions to the challenges if someone gets stuck. Overall, this was really great game and I enjoyed playing it!"