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Robot Workshop Robotics Theory Board Game

Lower Age: 5+
Price: $12.99
Year Added: 2020
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"Inspired by NASA’s Curiosity Rover sent to Mars, children learn to design and build robots for space mission challenges."

Robot Workshop by Ojo is a game for ages five and up that introduces robot design. 

The gift includes a game board, robot part tiles, and mission cards. This game can be played individually or with up to three players. The premise is that the players' spaceship has landed on an alien planet, and the players must design robots to complete certain tasks based on the planet's environment. The objective of the game is to reach the finish line on the game board by completing mission cards. When players land on a mission station tile, they must pick up a mission card and design a robot from the robot parts tiles that meets the criteria illustrated on that card. An included solution manual provides possible solutions for each mission. If the player designs their robot successfully, they are able to move forward. Robot parts include legs, heads, and arms, each of which perform different tasks. Determining the best parts for each task is the crux of the issue in this game.

This game teaches design and engineering by introducing criteria and constraints, recognizing patterns, analyzing solutions, and connecting robotic elements to real-life solutions. Criteria for robot designs are provided on the mission cards and users are constrained to the robot part tiles provided in the game. Users must recognize patterns by understanding which robot parts correspond to which types of mission features. Players are also encouraged to analyze their solutions and, if their robot for a mission card differs from the solution in the manual, they are encouraged to justify their solution to the other players for redemption. Players learn that solar panels can be used to power their robot when it is sunny, satellites allow their robot to send signals for long distances, microphones can be used by their robot to record sounds, and much more! Robot Workshop is a great game for any child who is interested in robotics and design!

Framework Categories

Engineering Design Process
Apply Science, Engineering, Mathematics Knowledge
Engineering Thinking

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Robot Workshop

One reviewer said,

"Yes, this toy promotes engineering thinking and design. Ojo robot workshop is a 2-3 player game (it can also be played independently) that presents players with a robot design challenge they must solve using the provided head, arm, and leg pieces. Each challenge card presents a scenario and three criteria the robot must meet. Players choose the one arm, leg, and head piece that fit those criteria and then check their answer with the solutions given in the instruction manual. The game encourages critical thinking and design as well as understanding and solving a problem. The game also encourages players to try playing collaboratively with one another or play independently and create their own robots and design challenges."

A reviewer's recommendation

"This game was really fun! The game was extremely easy with very simple instructions so young children will have no difficulty enjoying it. It is, however, so simple that older children will likely get bored, therefore this game would definitely do better with a younger audience. I like the game explicitly promotes playing on your own or collaboratively as well as has having the competitive game option. I think children will enjoy the option to just play with the pieces and use their imagination to create their own robots and stories/missions for the robots. The mission stories are fun and I enjoyed assembling the robot pieces. Young children with an interest in robotics will enjoy this introductory robotics game."