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My First Rush Hour

Lower Age: 3+
Price: $23.99
Year Added: 2020
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"A unique matching game made especially for preschoolers."

My First Rush HourMy First Rush Hour by Thinkfun is a maze game designed for children ages 3 and older.

Included is an instruction card, game grid, 30 challenge cards of varying difficulties, and 6 game pieces. The challenge cards are numbered 0 through 30, starting easy and progressively building difficulty through medium and hard challenges. The cards picture how to set up the game grid and require children to identify colors and shapes. These cards can be slid into a slot in the clear game grid, requiring the user to match each piece to its two-dimensional representation. The 6 game pieces are placed on the game grid, and the goal is to drive the red “Hero Car” through the maze and out the exit ramp. Some of the game pieces are mobile and others are not, so the child must problem-solve and manipulate the pieces to clear a path for the red car. 

This toy provides practice with recognition of shapes and colors, while also challenging the child to work around obstacles. There is opportunity to develop basic spatial reasoning skills in the navigation of the maze, and problem-solving skills when confronted with a game piece blocking the exit path. The game builds well from easy to hard levels and is rewarding when a puzzle is completed. My First Rush Hour is a colorful problem-solving game for young children that helps them develop pattern recognition and spatial reasoning abilities.

Framework Categories

Engineering Thinking
Computational Thinking
Spatial Reasoning

Moore, T.J., Glancy, A.W., Tank, K.M., Kersten, J.A., Smith, K.A., & Stohlmann, M.S.  (2014). A framework for quality K-12 engineering education: Research and developmentJournal of Precollege Engineering Education Research, 4(1), 1-13.

One reviewer said,

"The game is targeted at a very young age group (3+) and promotes age appropriate engineering skills. The game encourages spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving. Children learn to match shapes and colors, and solve a challenge to move the piece to the exit."

A reviewer's recommendation

"It is definitely aimed at a very young age group and would not do well for older children. Th game is extremely simple, even the hardest puzzles but would be very good for the target age group. Children match all the cars with the pieces on the challenge and then move the red car to the exit. Sometimes children must slide other cars out of the way first so the red car can escape. I liked how well the pieces in this game were made and how the challenge cards fit into the slot under the board. Overall, I think this is a great game for young children."

My First Rush Hour