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Enter the Spudnet

Lower Age: 10+
Price: $69.00
Year Added: 2020
"A cyber-fueled board game for players to learn about networking and cybersecurity concepts - all without computers!"

Enter the Spudnet Game

The game is available for purchase from the creator. 

Enter the Spudnet, by Potato Pirates, is a board game for ages 10 and up; a sequel to the coding card game Potato Pirates, with a focus on cybersecurity and the internet. The game comes with a double-sided game board, instruction manual, many ability cards, dice, and an assortment of player and game tokens with different functions in the game. The goal of the game is for a player to move their ships from their warehouse token to each of the order tokens on the board, while sabotaging other players to prevent them from completing their own orders. At the start of each turn, players pick ability cards that either directly help them or hinder an opponent. These cards can be used on the turn they’re drawn or saved for a future turn. Players then add one ship to each of their warehouses and move each of their ships’ tokens on the board. When a player reaches an order token of their color, they remove both the order and ship tokens from the board. The game ends when one player has removed all their order tokens.

Players must plan ahead on how they are going to use their turn to march toward victory. Players must also be ready to change their strategy at any moment if an opponent strikes against them. Enter the Spudnet also teaches many computer science principles and introduces the concepts of cybersecurity and the internet. The instructions for the game are fairly complex, but after a little practice the gameplay is quite simple. Enter the Spudnet is a fun, exciting game for families and players of all ages!

Framework Categories

Apply Science, Engineering, Mathematics Knowledge
Engineering Thinking
Issues, Solutions, and Impacts

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One reviewer said,

"I really love this game. I think it is an excellent way to promote educational values in a family fun game. The surprise elements and inclusion of many card combinations allows the game to be played multiple times while still being fun and new. Overall, Enter the Spudnet is an excellent family game to teach about the internet and cybersecurity."