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Moon Mission: The Epic 400-Year Journey to Apollo 11

Author: Sigmund Brouwer
Lower Age: 10
Upper Age: 14
Price: $17.99
Year Added: 2020
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TOP 10 PICK: "This riveting narrative told from the astronauts' points of view offers a unique approach to the story behind Apollo 11's successful --- though nearly disastrous --- 1969 moon landing."

Moon Mission: The Epic 400-Year Journey to Apollo 11 is a book for ages 10 to 14 written by Sigmund Brouwer that discusses the journey of Apollo 11 and the history of space travel.

The book follows the entire journey of Apollo 11, from the countdown to launch all the way through to the journey’s end. The book takes a somewhat unique approach by telling much of the story in the second person; giving readers an active role in the story. By using phrases such as “you experience” rather than “they experience,” readers are drawn in and can better imagine what it is like to experience space travel. The book also has a “mystery” in each chapter that explores a STEM challenge/problem faced in space travel and how that problem was solved.

Moon Mission Book Cover

While the recommended age group is 10 to 14, this book may be better suited for a high school age group (that is, 14+). Older readers will have a greater understanding and appreciation of the complex and detailed nature of the book. The book is very detailed in all aspects, including its description of the dangers of space travel, which at times gives it a “doom and gloom” atmosphere that may not be suitable for younger readers.

While exploring the history and technology of space, Moon Mission promotes problem solving and perseverance, as well as critical thinking skills. The “solve the mystery” sections of the book provide explicit, real examples of the science, technology, engineering, and math challenges found in space travel and detail the real solutions found to address them. Moon Mission is an exceptional book for older readers with an interest in space and aerospace engineering.

Framework Categories

Apply Science, Engineering, Mathematics Knowledge
Engineering Thinking
Conceptions of Engineers and Engineering
Issues, Solutions, and Impacts
Communication related to Engineering

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One reviewer said,

"This book is amazing and my favorite out of all the books about the lunar missions and space program that I have read. I was impressed with the variety of information and how the book was not just a story, but also contained detailed science, math, physics, and engineering concepts. The book is also written heavily using the second person to help the reader feel like they are in the story and not just hearing about it from a third person perspective. I also enjoyed the science and engineering mysteries and the other pieces about discoveries made as early as the 1700's that contributed to space exploration."