INSGC - Indiana Space Grant Consortium

Research & Outreach Proposals



Key Dates:

Application Opens: December 1

Deadline: February 24

Estimated Announcement of Recipients: May



Determine appropriate type from table, then see Guidelines and Application link below.




Please keep in mind the following key qualities that INSGC/NASA look for in the review process:
1. Diversity - race/ethnicity, gender, location (rural, underserved, etc.)
2. Impact - number of people involved, scope, long-term effect
3. Innovative - new ideas, effective and efficient
4. Non-federal Cost-share - there are minimum requirements, more is better
5. Follow all guidelines and requirements in the following document:

Research and Outreach Guidelines and Templates

NOTE: INSGC cannot provide funds to non-US citizens in the form of salary or travel or non-US citizen students. A non-US citizen may apply for programs as a PI or as a Co-PI if all INSGC funds support the research of US citizens (faculty or students). Non-US citizens may receive support from their universities and these funds may be counted as part of the matching cost share requirement for the grant.

To Submit Application:

Research and Outreach Application