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LiftOff Summer Institute 2013

The theme and dates have been set for LiftOff 2013 and applications are currently being accepted!


Rockets to Robots is the theme.  Dates are June 23 – 28, 2013.

NASA is preparing for future exploration missions by stimulating efforts within the private sector to develop and demonstrate safe, reliable, and cost-effective space transportation capabilities and increasing the capabilities of robotic missions.

Commercial space transportation is a vital component to the future of human space exploration. NASA is taking an innovative approach to working with companies in the private industry. Plans are underway to foster a commercial industry that will safely service low Earth orbit so NASA can focus their energy and resources on sending astronauts to an asteroid and eventually to Mars. The road ahead is challenging but this approach and space exploration architecture puts us in a position to go where no human has gone before.

From studying distant worlds to inspiring the next generation of engineers, NASA uses robotics in a variety of ways. What is the future of robotics? How is NASA using robots and what is in development for upcoming missions? Discover how and why NASA uses robots and what skills students need for careers in robotics.

LiftOff 2013 will highlight the future of space exploration. Ignite the spark and pass the torch to your students. All, duringLiftOff 2013

Rockets to Robots...

We will fax or email any applications received from your state for your review and possible funding.  If you would like to reserve a spot for a teacher from your state, please email me. 

The preferred method for receiving the LiftOff 2013 application is through the online system: