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Student Spaceflight Experiments Program: SSEP Understanding Weightlessness

SSEP Mission 9 to ISS Student Researchers - A Challenge for the Start of Program: Understanding Weightlessness - You Want Me to Take a Bathroom Scale Where?

This post is for teachers in the 22 communities across the U.S. and Canada that just started SSEP Mission 9 to ISS. You are invited to use this Challenge with your students to get them thinking about the concept of microgravity (the technical name for the phenomenon of ‘weightlessness’). In the Challenge below, students are asked to post what they think is an answer to the Challenge in the comment section. Please encourage your students to do so, so that all students visiting this blog post can see what other Mission 9 students across the U.S. and Canada are thinking. Let’s use this blog post as a social media platform for sharing thoughts about microgravity.


Read the full article for more details at the SSEP Blog.


Post your guess in the comments section below the article.  The challenge is stated at the bottom of the article.