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Science Central

Science Central is a regional resource that provides inspiring and fun hands-on science education for people of all ages.



The facility is located just north of the downtown Fort Wayne area, adjacent to the city's Lawton Park, the park's acclaimed "Kid's Crossing" playground and Headwaters Park, a 3-acre, $9 million public/private initiative that opened in September 1995.

Science Central's audience is people of all ages who visit the center and it will continue to provide outreach programs to more than 10,000 students and teachers annually in schools throughout Indiana and the tri-state area. Since it's inception, Science Central has grown to be the second most visited attraction in a city known for it's richly varied cultural and educational sites!

The foundation for all exhibits and programs at Science Central rests with the idea that science is about questions and curiosity. Everyone is a scientist who has questions about the world around them. At Science Central, visitors are engaged in learning how scientists investigate their own questions!



1950 N. Clinton St., Fort Wayne, IN  46805

Offices: 260-424-2400     Fax: 260-422-2899

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