INSGC - Indiana Space Grant Consortium

NASA's 6th Annual RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops

Robo-Ops competition in Houston, Texas is open to graduate and undergraduate students.

Based on a review of the Project Plans by the Robo-Ops Steering Committee, up to eight (8) qualifying teams will be selected to receive a $10,000 award to facilitate full participation in Robo-Ops, including expenses for rover development, materials, testing equipment, hardware and software.

At the 2016 Robo-Ops Competition in Houston, the rovers will compete on a simulated planetary environment under the supervision of NASA judges. The remaining team members will stay behind at the local university to tele-operate the rover remotely and conduct other "mission control" tasks. Replicating how robots and astronauts will work together in the near future on human space exploration missions, the prototype rovers will be tele-operated by the teams' mission control centers via real-time video feed from the rovers' on-board cameras. During the competition, the rovers must negotiate a series of obstacles while accomplishing relevant tasks within the given time.


Up to $12,000 in prize money is available to the winning teams!


For complete information on the 2016 Robo-Ops Competition, please review the 2016 Robo-Ops Competition Basics document and view the Robo-Ops website. Note: This is a brand new Robo-Ops website!  The old site has moved, so please update your bookmarks.


Important Dates



September 23, 2015

NOI Deadline

October 3 2015

Deadline for Project Plan Submission

October 17, 2015

Qualifying Teams Announced

May 9, 2016

Final Technical Report Due

May 24-26, 2016

2015 Robo-Ops Competition in Houston, TX


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the RASC-AL team at You may also contact me directly at 757-325-6732 or, or contact Stacy Dees at 757-218-8313 or