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Lego Robot Challenge at Science Central

For the past eleven years FIRST has been providing the opportunity for Indiana students from ages nine to 14 to compete in a Lego building competition.

Legos and robots come together to help school teams solve real world problems.

Science Central hosted the 11th Annual Lego League Indiana qualifying tournament. It's the first time Science Central had the honor of hosting the event.

Twelve teams, which include more than 120 students, ages nine to 14, from Northeast Indiana schools, have been tasked with the challenge of designing and building an original robot.

Robot performance competitions focus on problems happening in the real world.

Students who participate in this competition get to pick a community where a said natural disaster would occcur.  After this is done, they do some research on safey protocols and measures, how people stay safe, and how they rebuild in the affected areas.  Lastly the students come up with a creative solution to the problem and share it with others at the tournament.

"This year's theme and problem has to do with Nature's Fury and a natural disaster, and using their knowledge of STEM, science, technology, engineering, and math, and the use of robots. You got to have the robots, to be able to solve a problem and make sure that they're able to come up with a better solution than the other teams,” said Martin Fisher, Director of Science Central.

Two qualifying teams will advance on to the state championship tournament held on Dec. 14 at IPFW.