INSGC - Indiana Space Grant Consortium

Interested in becoming an Affiliate?

The INSGC is pleased to be a source of NASA-related information, awards, and programs for the State of Indiana.  The INSGC seeks to spread the vision of NASA throughout the State of Indiana by inspiring and integrating NASA-related education, workforce development, outreach, and research activities across the state.

There are three types of affiliates: Academic, Industry and Outreach.
  • Academic Affiliates: Any affiliate whose primary role is formal education for (K-12), college academy, or institution of higher education with substantial STEM emphases and student enrollments
  • Industry Affiliates: Any business that is considered a legal entity that can enter into contracts
  • Outreach Affiliates: Any affiliate that strives to extend community service or benefits as an educational outreach program, focusing on STEM education and literacy
The consortium presently consists of twelve academic (college and university), ten outreach (museums and science centers), and two corporate (both small business and larger companies) affiliates.
What does it mean to be an affiliate?
Affiliates have the opportunity to receive direct funding support from INSGC, and have the opportunity to receive advance information, contribute strategic input, and vote on INSGC activity and projects. In response, affiliates are noted as official participants in INSGC by NASA, and are expected to be able to respond to NASA queries regarding information and knowledge about INSGC policies, procedures, and decision making activities. In addition, affiliates should be familiar with the mission, goals, and objectives of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.
Benefits of Affiliation with INSGC
INSGC is working toward establishing and developing a network of persons and institutions committed toward common goals. Affiliation with INSGC allows member organizations networking opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable. These networking opportunities include connections with INSGC and NASA as well as the Consortia’s over 900 Affiliates which includes universities, colleges, industry, museums, science centers, and state and local agencies.
Application Process
Prospective new affiliates must complete forms that indicate the STEM strengths of the affiliate, and demonstrate an awareness of the fiscal, administrative, and organizational requirements of the affiliate as an institution.
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