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NASA Science Mission Internships for Summer 2016

The application for summer internships at NASA space centers is open now.  Apply for the indternships within our website.

Internship descriptions:

Chandra X-ray Observatory

The Chandra X-Ray Observatory is located in Cambrige, Massachusetts.  Chandra is one of NASA's Great Observatories and continues to be a major research tool for X-Ray astronomy.  The satellite observatory was launched in 1999.  Chandra has two opportunities, described below.
Position Summary:
(1) Assist the Flight Operations Team software group in enhancing ground system software to support flight operations of NASA's Chandra spacecraft.  Depending on the selected candidate's skill set and project priorities at the time of the internship, tasks may involve one of more of the following:  develpment of new software capabilities and applications, including user-friendly graphical user interfaces, withing MATLAB, Java, C/C++, and/or Python; web programming using PHP and JavaScript to enhance an existing web database application for storing and displaying spacecraft operations related events; development and enhancement of tools for testing existing spacecraft telemetry processing, serving and display systems; development of web and other clients for retrieval and display of telemetry data from a recently developed telemetry server. 
Chandra is anticipating 1 or 2 positions in this category.
(2) Assist the Integration team in enhancing ground system software to support flight operations of NASA's Chandra spacecraft.  Dpedning on the seelcted candidate's skillset and project priorities at the time of the internships, tasks may involve one of more of the following:  develop activities, including migrating the Chandra data interfaces ASN.1-based application internface from a commercial compiler to an open source compiler; expanding open source ASN.1 compiler to expand features and capabilities in support of the migration; develop the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) Space Link Extension (SLE) application interface, using open source tools and compilers; and proving a C/C++ interface for use by the existing Chandra Operations Gateways (which provides a component of the data connectivity and transforming protocols between the spacecraft and ground systems.
1 position is expected for this opportunity.
The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), located in the Johns Hopkins University campus in Baltimore, MD, is one of the world's premiere astronomical research institutions, and is the science operations center for NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and its future successor, the James Webb Space Telescope.
STScI is seeking a summer intern to join a dynamic team of education professionals, scientists, and content specialists with the Office of Public Outreach.  The summer intern will serve in the Space Telescope Undergraduate Internship program, a program that provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to extend their classroom experience at STScI, participate in STEM-related activities in consultation with Office of Public Outreach staff, and serve as role-models for high school interns.
STScI's Office of Public Outreach seeks to enhance the public's understanding of astronomical science and the universe that it reveals.  One of the ways the office fulfulls this mandate is by providing a range of products, programming, and opportunities for the education community and the public.  The summer intern will assist with:
* Developing activities and materials for STScI informal science education and outreach programs
* Reviewing materials for astronomy education products
* Developing laboratory exercises for out-of-school time programs using HST data
* Enhancing existing OPO products by the infusion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) career information
* Special STScI education and outreach events and/or workshops, as needed
The position is fast-paced and requires someone who has good organizational skills, including the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, and who can plan and manage both short-term and long-term project goals.  Additionally, the successful candidate will have:
* A background in astronomy; prior experience with astronomy education and outreach activities preferred
* Experience using WorldWide Telescope and/or other astronomical visualization tools
* Effective oral and written communication skills
* Experience doing presentations/strong presentation skills
* Ability to work independently and carry through assigned tasks
* Capacity to work in, and actively contribute to, a team work environment
One position is anticipated.
OSIRIS-REx (Tucson, AZ) 
The OSIRIS-REx mission is operated by the Unviersity of Arizona in Tucson.
NASA has awared a contract to the Unviersity of Arizona to lead OSIRIS-REx, the first US asteroid sample-return mission.  OSIRIS-REx is part of the NASA New Frontiers Program of solar system exploration.  This summer the mission will be ramping up to its September launch, and Communications and Public Engagement (CPE) office has a need for an intern to support the missions's pre-launch communications activities.
In the months running up to launch, the OSIRIS-REx CPE teams will be producing a communications campaign involving video and graphics products to engage the general and science public in the mission.  The team is looking for an intern with writing, art or videography skills to create products for the campaign.  The CPE team works closely with OSIRIS-REx science teams members to ensure the accuracy of the content.  This internship provides a unique opportunity to combine scientific, research, communications and artistic skills to complete a well-defined product.  This internship will build and improve skills critical for a career in science communications.
Necessary skills:
* Strong communications skills
* Good organizational skills and the ability to work independently
Desirable skills:
* Astronomy or planetary science coursework
* Experience in public outreach and engagement
* Experience in writing, art, or videography        
Individual Space Grants will submit names and application materials for students intersested in applying for these internships.  Application materials should include a:  resume, summary of skills relevant to the position, and brief statement of why they are interested in that particular internship.  The Space Grant is then comitting to providing the funding for the internship if the student is selected.  
General Information about the program:  Dr. Terry Teays: