INSGC - Indiana Space Grant Consortium

for College Students

Mercury Explorers Student Principal Investigator (PI) Program Educational Opportunity

How would you like your students to gain real-world experience while conducting authentic scientific research on a NASA mission project, all from the comforts of your classroom or even home? The Student Planetary Investigators program is waiting for your participation!

Spaceship Earth Grants Launches Global Crowdfunding Spaceflight Contest

Childhood dreams are now within reach and a unique approach to changing the world is underway as Spaceship Earth Grants (SEG) launches a new program to send private citizens to space. With its mission of enabling as many people as possible to have the spaceflight experience, the SEG crew is proud to launch its first contest to crowdfund an open number of spaceflight awards.

INCCP Award!

Indiana Space Grant Consortium Wins NASA Office of Education Competitive Opportunity for Partnerships with Community Colleges and Technical Schools 2014-2016

Gerald A. Soffen Memorial Fund Travel Grant Opportunity

Click for more information to apply for this amazing opportunity. Applications due May 15, 2014.

NASA Scholarship Opportunities Accepting Applications

Click for more information about this two amazing scholarship opportunities from NASA Office of Education and NASA Aeronautics. Applications for both are due May 16, 2014.

NASA MUREP Scholarship Accepting Applications

Click for more information on this scholarship opportunity from the NASA Office of Education for MUREP Scholars. Applications are due May 16, 2014.

Graduate Research Awards through Airport Cooperative Research Program

Graduate Research Awards for Applied Research in Public-Sector Airport-Related Aviation Issues with Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP)

Rolls Royce Summer 2014 Internships

Apply for three great internship opportunities at Rolls Royce for Summer 2014. Click for more information and links to apply.

eXploration Habitat 2015 Academic Innovation Challenge

The eXploration Habitat (X-Hab) 2015 Academic Innovation Challenge is a university-level challenge designed to engage and retain students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The competition is intended to link with senior- and graduate-level design curricula that emphasize hands-on design, research, development, and manufacture of functional prototypical subsystems that enable functionality for space habitats and deep space exploration missions. Click for more information on this amazing opportunity.

Deadline Extended for WIA Foundation Scholarships.

The deadline for the Women in Aerospace Foundation Scholarship has been extended to April 11, 2014.

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