INSGC - Indiana Space Grant Consortium

2013-2014 Fiscal Year End Report

(No Reporting Required for Scholarships or Internships)


The following three items are required for each project for the Program Year. Fellowship recipients only need to complete the Performance Data Report and Narrative Final Report.

All final reports are due May 31, 2014, but are appreciated earlier. Invoicing is NOT required with the final reporting but must be completed by August 31, 2014.  Send files as attachments to  

1. Performance Data Report: This spreadsheet includes all data that INSGC must compile and provide to NASA. Please read the instructions and comments in the template below.

NOTE: Several changes this year due to NASA reporting requirements. ALL projects need to complete ALL questions (not only higher education, information education, etc.). 


2013-14 Performance Data

2. Final Budget: This spreadsheet is the same format as the one submitted with the proposal. It must show that all funds have been spent, and reflect all final cost share contributions. Your business office may be able to help if you do not have all information.

2013-14 Budget Template

3. Narrative Final Report: This document should be returned as a .doc file. Please discuss the scientific and educational outcomes of your project. Discuss what you did and what the award meant - for you, your project, your institution. Additional instructions are provided in the template below.

2013-14 Narrative Template

4. Invoice: It is not required that you use this exact invoice, but the higlighted information must be included in your submission for the invoice to be processed.  

2013-14 Invoice Template

IMPORTANT: The following link provides PIs with INSGC's SMART Objectives which must be annually reported to NASA. They are provided to assist in your understanding of our obligations based on our proposal to NASA and to aid you in reporting relevant information for us to include in our reports.  
INSGC SMART Objectives