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Successful NASA Interactive Classroom

The Link Observatory Space Science Institute brings NASA Experts into an Indiana Classroom


Through the Institute's  partnership with NASA in their learning and educational initiatives, Link Observatory Space Science Institute was able to bring Trent Smith, Program Manager for the NASA VEGGIE program at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida directly into the classroom for the 7th grade science class at Paul Hadley Middle School in Mooresville, Indiana.

The VEGGIE program is where astronauts grew, harvested and ate lettuce aboard the International Space Station. It made world news when it happened for the first time in human history in August, 2015, and the program is being expanded because of its success and the need for a sustainable food source as we develop our programs for the human exploration of Mars.

Virtual Interactive Classroom
Through the use of modern computer technology, Trent Smith and NASA educator Rachel Power from Kennedy Space Center interacted directly with 35 students in the 7th grade science class at Paul Hadley Middle School in Mooresville, IN on Friday, December 4. 

During the live, 45 minute interactive program, students were able to see and speak directly with the NASA specialist on the intricacies and challenges of growing food off planet Earth as they viewed the large video screen in the classroom. This much anticipated program was very exciting for the students and teachers alike as they spoke directly with NASA at Kennedy Space Center.

Unique Opportunity

There were only 3 schools in the country invited to take part in this special presentation on the NASA VEGGIE Program , and Link Observatory Space Science Institute arranged for Paul Hadley Middle School to be one of those selected.

Local and State Wide Media Coverage 

The event was covered by a variety of media including local newspapers and radio stations as well as Channel 13 News who aired a short video sequence later that evening. 

View the Channel 13 News coverage here.

Expanding the Use of NASA Virtual Classrooms into Your Local Schools

The Link Observatory Space Science Institute is expanding the use of this extraordinary technology and will be bringing NASA into classrooms throughout central Indiana in the near future. 

If your school has an interest in inspiring your students with STEM educational programs delivered live to your classrooms from NASA, contact the Link Observatory Space Science Institute for more information.

Together, let's make Indiana #1 in STEM education in the nation.