INSGC - Indiana Space Grant Consortium

2015-2016 INSGC Award List

All recipients of INSGC Scholarships, Internships, Fellowships, and Projects for 2015-2016.
Anderson University
Scholar Phillips, Mikayla
Scholar Jackson, Tyler
Scholar Stalets, Marissa
Scholar Grismore, Emily
Scholar Nelson, Morgan
Indiana State University
Scholar Siepierski, John
Indiana University
Scholar Barnett, Miranda
Scholar Mickey, Jeremiah
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Scholar Schwartz, James
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Scholar Valverde, Isabel
Purdue University - WL
Scholar Dilger, Adi
Scholar Bowlin, Collin (Gus Grissom)
Scholar Lammer, Brianna (Gus Grissom)
Scholar Hopf, Taylor (Gus Grissom)
Scholar Knies, Ashton (Gus Grissom)
Purdue University - Calumet
Scholar Woods, Jessyca
Saint Joseph's College
Scholar Zimmerle, Allison
Scholar Isajewicz, Taylor
Taylor University
Scholar Dye, Tanner
Trine University
Scholar Arvola, Dustin
Scholar Walters, Nicole
Scholar Hasbrouck, Christie
Scholar Reed, Hayley
University of Evansville
Scholar Bauer, Bryan
University of Southern Indiana
Scholar Hatfield, Kendrich
Scholar Gobson, Cameron
Scholar Hochstetler, Chelsea
Valparaiso University
Scholar Roggow, Aaron
Scholar Morrissey, Christopher

                                               Summer Internships

Goddard Space Flight Center
Intern Inzinga, Sarah
Intern Strankjord, Kirsten
Intern McCarrell, Jaimie
Langley Reasearch Center
Intern Miller, Brennan
Ames Research Center
Intern Popkov, Yaroslav
Glenn Research Center
Intern Harnack, Christopher
SURF Purdue University
Intern Rivas, Jose
Intern Saucedo, Jose
Intern Valadez-Carranza, Yvette


Ball State
Masters Gavel, Alan
Indiana State University
Masters Smart, Saundra
PhD. Callaway, Jennifer
Indiana University
PhD. Hagan, Stephanie
PhD. Overbeek, Jamie
PhD. Richards, Emily
Purdue University, WL
Masters Sommer, Drew


Anderson University
Project Taylor, Courtney & Lambright, Justin  (Research Experiences in Math)
Project File, Chad (Solar Car Project)
Project Blanchard, Sam (STEM Transition to 4 yr. Degree)
Indiana State University
Project Latimer, Jennifer (AP Environmental Science Lab)
Indiana University
Project de Ruyter, Rob (Foundations in Science and Math)
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Project Rubens, Elizabeth (MURI)
Project Agarwal, Mangilal (Nanotech HS Scholars)
Project Agarwal, Mangilal (Nanotech Summer Teachers)
Project Bonds, Vicki (Bridges)
Purdue University, WL
Project Dickerson, Darryl (Boot Camp Go-Kart Design)
Project Purdue Space Day
Project Anderson, Aaron (NASA Robotic Mining Competition)
Project Rakos, Kyle (MATE ROV)
Project Florence, Steve (FIRST)
Purdue University - Calumet
Project Kim, Hansung (STEM Classes)
Project Tarfulea, Nicoleta (URGP 15-16)
Project Nnanna, Agbai (Engineering Summer Program)
Project Abramowitz, Harvery (NASA Rover Challenge)
Saint Joseph's College
Project Zimmer, Lana (Aquaponics in STEM Teaching)
Project Zimmer, Lana (Hands of STEM Learning with Undergrads)
Trine University
Project Mitofsky, Dr. Andrea (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
University of Evansville
Project Howe, Christina (UEngineering Experience)
Project Gerhart, Phil (STEM Experince for Girls)
Valparaiso University
Project He, Haiying (Decoding Hraphene)
Project Watters, Michael (Fungal Bioremediation Solid Waste)
Project Hillwig, Todd (SARA)
Project Zygmunt, Stan (Catalyic Properties of Transition Metal Alloy Clusters)
Project Hrivnak, Bruce (Observational Astronomy for Research)
  Challenger Learning Center of Northwest Indiana
Project Manis, Rebecca (Digital Discoveries)