INSGC - Indiana Space Grant Consortium

2017-18 INSGC Award List

All recipients of INSGC Scholarships, Internships, Fellowships, and Projects for 2017-18.
Anderson University
Scholar Brianna Beer
Scholar Hayley Bower
Scholar Christina Coats
Scholar Erin Eberly
Scholar Brenden Jones
Scholar Ashley King
Scholar Ian Leatherman
Scholar Abrielle Moyer
Scholar Lizette Romero
Scholar Kwynlyn Smith
Scholar Ally Wallace
Scholar Matthew Pugh
Ball State University
Scholar Clayton Mercer
Indiana State University
Scholar Marlena Weers
  Indiana University
Scholar Jenna Childress
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Scholar Jasmine Asterburn
Scholar Philip Oprie
Scholar Makaylia Rosebrock
  Douglas Hutchinson
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Scholar Kristina Steward
Purdue University - WL
Scholar Samantha Dickmann
Scholar Karis Aucoin
Scholar Caitlyn Hopper
Scholar Laurel Steveson
Scholar Lina Trigg
Scholar Kaya Wiegand
Purdue University Northwest
Scholar Daniel Mauger
Scholar Julia Mrdak
Scholar Teresa Alvarez
Taylor University
Scholar Eliza You
Trine University
Scholar Emily Clark
Scholar Robin Furnish
Scholar Brooke Hardy
Scholar Kaethe Henke
Scholar Montana Hermann
Scholar Carline Hipskind
Scholar Sean Carroll
Scholar Anna Kersey
Scholar Allison McCrady
University of Evansville
Scholar Kaylee Gubricky
University of Southern Indiana
Scholar Michael Bretz
Scholar Madison Hays
Scholar Caleb Kauk
Valparaiso University
Scholar Natasa Petreska

                                               Summer Internships

Goddard Space Flight Center
Intern Aaron Houin
Ames Reasearch Center
Intern Andrew Becker
  Gabrielle Feldman
Jet Propulisionary Lab
Intern Anthony Goeckner
Marshall Research Center
Intern Michael Dai
Intern Sean Neal
Intern Brennen Miller
Intern Margaret Linker
Planetary Science-DC
Intern Aaron Campbell


Ball State
Masters Gavel, Alan
Indiana State University
Masters Bethany Kile
  Ellen ONeil
PhD. Zachary Kozelichki
Indiana University
PhD. Samantha Brunker
PhD. Hannah Pagel
Purdue University, WL
PhD. Sheridan Ackiss
PhD. Marie McBride
PhD. Jordyn Miller
  Purdue University Northewest
Masters Joseph Floramo
  Indiana University Purdue University
Masters Patricia Kamanda
Masters Ashley Thacker
  Indiana Uiversity Purdue University Ft. Wayne
Masters Caleb Gordon


Anderson University
Project VanGroning-Research Experiences in Mathemathics
Project Kunz-Beamline Architect
Indiana State University
Project Latimer- AP Environmental Science Lab
Indiana University
Project de Ruyter- Foundations in Science and Math
  Tracy-ScIu Conversations in Scence
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Project Galli-MURI
Purdue University, WL
Project Dickerson, Darryl (Boot Camp Go-Kart Design)
Project Bowers-Purdue Space Day
Project Brooks- Lunabotics
Project Lewelling- IEEE ROV Team
Project Becker- (FIRST)
Purdue University -NorthWest
Project Rowan- Advance STEM Ed
Project Abramowitz-NASA Rover Challenge
Ball State Unoversity
Project Gestwicki- Vdeo Game Science & Ebgineering
Project Thompson-Planet Nine
Trine University
Project Canino- AIAA Design Build
Project Watson- Biomedical Eng Senior Design
University of Evansville
Project Howe- UEngineering Experience
Project Howe- Circuits 1 Online Course Development
  Higgins- Summer STEM Exp for Girls
Valparaiso University
Project He-Electromech. Reduction of C02
Project Watters- Cold acclimatization genes in Neurospora.
Project Hillwig- (SARA)
Project Zygmunt,- Transition Metal Single Atom
Project Hrivnak-Observational Astronomy for Research
Project Rowe- Patterns of Natural and Unnatural Amino Acid
Project Bouyer- Fluid secretion in intestinal epithelial cells
Project Clark- Improving STEM Student Persistence
  Terre Haute Children's Museum
Project Hughes-  FLEXIBITS
  University of Southern Indiana
Project Kissel- Eclipse Ballooning
  Science Central
Project Fisher-17-18 Community College Interns
Project Young- Coding Club
Project Young-Educator Professional Development
  Indiana University urdue University Ft. Wayne
Project Wang-Educational Kits for Middle School
Projct Chen- Internet of Things in Space
  Taylor University
Project Bauson- MagnITO-Sa
  Ivy Tech Columbus
Project Kelly-Avaition Nation OshKosh
Project Payne-Avaition Nation