Computational IE

Improving operations research

  • Information and Coding Theory, Distributed cloud systems, Energy Harvesting, Wireless Communications (Vaneet Aggarwal)
  • Environmental implications of emerging technologies; Urban sustainability; Industrial ecology; Complex adaptive systems (Hua Cai)
  • Distributed Decision-Making; System Complexity; Mechanism design; Healthcare policy; Cyberinfrastructure for Engineering Applications (Abhijit Deshmukh)
  • Complex Systems; High-dimensional streaming data; Monitoring and diagnosis; Adaptive sampling; Probabilistic graphical models (Joaquín Goñi)
  • Queueing Theory, Applied Probability, Statistics and Game Theory (Harsha Honnappa)
  • Simulation optimization; simulation modeling and analysis; applied probability and statistics (Susan Hunter)
  • Decision-Making under Uncertainty; Decision Support Systems; Climate Change Adaptation; Risk Assessment and Communication; Multi-Criterion Decision Analysis; Heuristic Optimization (David Johnson)
  • Quantitative methods for systems engineering Modeling and simulation methods for systems engineering Programmatic risk management and risk analysis Cost and schedule forecasting for technology development Bayesian methods Effectiveness of systems engineering management methods and processes (Charles Robert Kenley)
  • Interactions of optimization, Game theory and Industrial organization, with applications to model and analyze energy markets and environmental policy (Andrew Liu)
  • Infrastructure sustainability and resilience; Disaster risk management; Climate change and extreme events; Risk and decision analysis; Statistical learning methods (Roshanak (Roshi) Nateghi)
  • Nonlinear optimization and its applications; Eigenvalue computation of large sparse matrices; Computational oncology; Soliton physics (Nagabhushana Prabhu)
  • Distributed and Large-scale Optimization; Computational Game Theory; Variational Inequalities; Machine Learning; Big Data Analytics; Applications in Communications, Networking, Signal Processing, and Sensor Networks (Gesualdo Scutari)
  • • Control systems, machine learning, networks, energy, transportation, cyber-physical systems (Sivaranjani Seetharaman)
  • Production system modeling and analysis, queueing theory and applications, reliability and probability theory, scheduling and sequencing, simulation methodology, and stochastic processes and modeling. (J Shanthikumar)
  • Approximation algorithms; Automated design and inference; Computational science and engineering; Discrete optimization; Machine learning; Medical operations research; Network science (Mario Ventresca)