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  Purdue IE alumnus Peter Wang (BSIE '75) makes student excellence possible with generous gift

Peter Wang, BSIE '75Purdue alumnus Peter Wang (BSIE '75) has made it possible for Purdue IE to move ahead with planning for the student excellence center -- a cornerstone in our efforts to define the cutting edge of IE education -- with a generous gift of $500,000.

"I am delighted to make this gift and am forever grateful for the fine education I received at Purdue," said Wang, who is Chairman and CEO of Tri-State Holdings, an international garment manufacturer.  "Purdue was my first experience with American culture and I'd like to see the School of Industrial Engineering continue to serve the domestic and international communities in the same excellent manner."

"I think Peter's gift will prove to be an important moment in the history of our school," says Abhi Deshmukh, James J. Solberg Head of IE.  "When our alums demonstrate their appreciation of the education they received by supporting initiatives that will keep us on the cutting edge for future generations -- we've created a circle that will be hard to break!"

conceptual rendering of Wang Student Center and the space it will replace
The Peter Wang Student Excellence Center will serve as a ‘home base’ for Purdue’s undergraduate IE students, with ample room to meet with academic advisors, study together and work on team projects. 

Most importantly, though, the Center will be a space in which we can provide career guidance, facilitate global experiences, supply a 'garage lab' in which entrepreneurial students can come together and explore ideas that may not be related to a specific course-- all those things that are so vital to a young engineer's success, but are not necessarily picked up in the classroom.

Finally, the Peter Wang Student Excellence Center will provide a striking visual focal point for Grissom Hall, the home of IE at Purdue. (See the current space compared to the imagined space above.) As the first thing a prospective IE student will see when they enter the building and the first thing a Purdue IE student will see each morning – the Peter Wang Student Excellence Center will serve as an exciting visual reminder that Purdue’s School of Industrial Engineering continues to lead the way in IE education – and in helping the world ‘Rethink IE.’


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