What can Purdue IEs do for you?

Purdue IEs:

  • Reduce waste in processing, wait-time, movement
  • Analyze system needs and develop cures
  • Improve methods
  • Build ways for complex systems to work together seamlessly
  • Reduce costs – improve company profits
  • Develop ways for employees to work more comfortably and more productively = Happiness
  • Integrate technical knowledge and managerial knowledge
  • Manage projects, Manage groups, Manage organizations, Manage Corporations
  • Have a deep understanding of the math, sciences, computer applications, and engineering concepts expected of all engineers

Results: Maximum throughput, minimum cost, maximum productivity and/or maximum profit

Recruit our students!

Recruitment may take on different forms. Students may be involved in internships, co-op, or full-time opportunities. Companies may get involved in many different ways – by joining our corporate partners program, sponsoring a career night event, having a day-on-campus in Grissom Hall, sponsoring a senior design Capstone Project – to name just a few.

Contact Dave Kotterman, Director, Industry Relations, for more information.

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