IE Senior Design Capstone Sponsorship

Applies engineering tools and concepts to real world situations.

Let us help your organization

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Apply our problem solving to

Build Simulations Address high inventory & WIP levels
Evaluate workplace ergonomics Crystallize work procedures
Resolve bottleneck operations Optimize supply chain logistics
Improve unsafe work areas Improve facility layout
Recommend repair vs. replace options Analyze value/non-value operations
Address product quality Improve any process
Optimize production scheduling ...and more.



Purdue Industrial Engineering student projects involve a two-way relationship that promises significant returns for your participation.

Industry Benefits

  • Provides fresh engineering resources

  • Advances your projects that have been strategically stagnant, devoid of resources, operationally inefficient, or organizationally costly or unsafe.

  • Provides closure on selected projects for a small investment.

  • Increases your organization’s footprint within Purdue IE.

  • Builds stronger relationships with Purdue IE faculty who serve as project mentors.

  • Influences the work ethic of future engineers & project managers.

IE Student Benefits

  • Applies learned tools & works with professionals doing real project management

  • Gains project leadership experience in real-world setting

  • Accounts for results

  • Meets project deadline & milestones

  • Gains richer understanding of project finances

  • Witnesses the impact of project implementation, readjustments & revisions

  • Delivers an optimal solution based on data analysis

  • Uses communication & presentation skills

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Must include: company information, contact information, project title, brief summary AND project scope & requirements

​Submit via the Online form or email Aaron Ramsey.

Define > Measure > Analyze > Improve > Control  Communicate, Communicate, Communicate; Impact the Organization

Undergraduate Capstone Contact: 

Aaron Ramsey - Director of Industry RelationsAaron Ramsey
Director of Industry Relations 
School of Industrial Engineering
Purdue University
315 N. Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2023
Phone: +1 765 496-0943


Download the flyer (PDF)