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Master's Non-Thesis (Application Track) Degree Requirements

Courses selected for the non-thesis option should provide the student with a certain degree of breadth as well as depth in the field of industrial engineering in order to permit entering professional practice immediately upon graduation. The minimum requirements for the program are 30 credit-hours of course work with at least 21 hours in industrial engineering. At least 9 hours of course work is recommended from a related area. A relevant industrial engineering design project of significant value utilizing the course material in the plan of study that provides the candidate with an independent creative experience can be used to satisfy a maximum of three credit-hours of course work.

Credit Requirements for a Master's Non-Thesis

Have at least 30 total graduate credit hours, and total 30 credit hours must include:

  • At least 21 credit hours of course work in industrial engineering.
  • At least three related courses within or outside the field of industrial engineering.

Have an approved plan of study filed with the Graduate School.