Funding Opportunities

Graduate student funding generally comes through fellowships, research projects, and teaching assistantships. For Industrial Engineering, most of this funding is determined as part of the application process. As such, if a student does not have an offer of funding through the application process, he or she will have to arrange for his or her own funding.

While it is rare, unsupported students may have an opportunity to be considered for a TA position. Interested students should email their resumes - along with a list of courses for which they believe they would be a good TA - to Dr. Patrick Brunese, IE Director of Academic Programs. Please do not ask faculty for recommendations relative to TA positions unless the faculty has previous knowledge of your capabilities.    

See list below for more funding information:

College of Engineering Fellowship List (PDF)

Division of Financial Aid

Funding Financial Information

Graduate Teaching Assistantships: First Year Engineering 

Graduate Teaching Assistantships: Department of Mathematics

Student Employment