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The Gavriel Salvendy International Symposium Series on Frontiers in Industrial Engineering (GSIS-FIE)

Purdue Industrial Engineering (IE)’s Evolution and Frontiers Program is a continuous, collaborative process to create (with additional colleagues internal and external to Purdue) updates and improvements of our thinking and inspiration about the profession’s evolution and impacts.

As part of this effort, the Gavriel Salvendy International Symposium on Frontiers in IE is organized once every two or three years. The goal is to invite a select group of leading experts, IE and non-IE, to focus on one particular visionary theme of major promise. Deliverables include a journal white paper and a book published by Taylor and Francis on the results, overview, and research and action agenda.

The symposium is being sponsored in part by Professor Emeritus Gavriel Salvendy, who was a professor in Purdue's School of Industrial Engineering from 1971 until retiring in 2008, and is a tribute to his many contributions to industrial engineering. A member of the National Academy of Engineering, Salvendy has also been a Founding Chair Professor and Department Head at Tsinghua University, has published over 500 research publications and authored/edited 36 books. Among his many awards, he received the John Fritz Medal which is the engineering profession’s highest award for his "fundamental international and seminal leadership and technical contributions to human engineering and industrial engineering education, theory, and practice".

Symposium Series Committee:

Robert Proctor (Chair)

Shimon Y. Nof

Yuehwern Yih