Robots Coming to the Workplace?

Juan Wachs
Robotics students at Purdue are trying to find new ways robots can assist people in the workplace. In a joint venture between the schools of Engineering and Technology, students and faculty are programming a robot to pick up surgical tools and hand them to the doctor. The Baxter robot was designed by the company Rethink Robotics.

Baxter reacts to voice commands or hand signals and picks up the tool using a magnet. This allows nurses more freedom for more important tasks during surgery.
Mithun Jacob, a graduate robotics student, with Professor Juan Wachs, said robots will one day work side by side with humans.
"We want to develop this robot to work really close with humans. It's meant to work in really close collaboration with humans to do several tasks - manufacturing, assembly and, what we are trying to do, surgery," said Jacob.

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