Technical Elective Program Overview

In general, a technical elective is a course that develops new professional skills and/or builds upon previously obtained skills. Courses must focus on the development of skills in engineering, mathematics, business, or selected natural or social sciences.

The official Technical Elective (TE) Program policy document can be found here:

IE Technical Elective Program Document

1. Basic Requirements

There are a total of 15 credit hours required to complete technical elective requirements towards the BSIE degree. Six (6) of the 15 credit hours must come from courses originating within IE. There are two available options to satisfy the 6 credit hour requirement, as follows:

  1. IE 470 or IE 484, and one IE course at 500-level, or
  2. IE 470 and IE 484.

Specific details regarding the 500-level courses that count towards the requirements are found in the program document above.

The remaining 9 credit hours of technical electives can come from numerous different schools/departments including Krannert, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Psychology, etc. Included within the program document above are general rules about courses that may count towards the technical elective requirements. Under the general rules any course must be approved by the IE undergraduate office. In addition, there is a list of pre-approved technical electives that have been historically popular with IE students. The courses within this list can be taken freely and will automatically count towards TE requirements. 

2. Special Approvals for Non Pre-Approved Technical Elective Courses

Students must petition for a course to be counted as a technical elective if it is not listed on the Pre-Approved list of courses contained in the Appendix. Each course will be evaluated by the IE Undergraduate Office based on the description of a technical elective course given in Section 1 of the program document, and any additional factors deemed necessary.

To petition for a course approval, the following process must be observed.

  1. A student must fill out the Elective Approval Request Form.
  2. The student must fill in the course information required on the form and attach a syllabus for the course in question. In addition, the student must write a short synopsis of how the course fits the requirements of a technical elective described in Section 1 of the program document. (Note 1: a syllabus is required for any course taken at another university; Note 2: If the course is from Purdue, only the "Purdue Equivalent" part of Section 1 must be completed).
  3. Student returns the completed form to the IE Undergraduate Office for final processing and decision.

Each student is notified via email if the course is approved or not. All documentation is stored in the student's permanent record.