Graduate student may receive support from the School of Industrial Engineering including fellowships, assistantships, and instructorships. Continuation of funding is dependent upon availability of funds and satisfactory review of the student’s performance at the end of each semester. Graduate study is financed from graduate appointments, special fellowships, loans, personal funds, and combinations of these sources. Detailed information on financing graduate study can be obtained from the Graduate School. 

The School of Industrial Engineering offers named fellowships to outstanding Doctoral students. The recipients must have an interest in both teaching and research. The stipends are renewable, and supplement the ordinary assistantship stipends. Currently, the stipends for the named fellowships range from $16,000 to $21,000 for twelve months with full remission of tuition, except for staff fees. Fellowship recipients can be supported continually up to four years. Recipients are to be chosen by the Graduate Admissions Committee in consultation with the Associate Head of the School of Industrial Engineering from the new applicants to graduate school. It is not necessary to file any additional forms in order to be considered eligible.
The applicant is advised to contact faculty members to discuss availability of funding.
These are awarded by the Graduate Admissions Committee, in consultation with the Associate Head of the School of Industrial Engineering. For information on other various fellowships available, visit the Graduate School web page.
Furthermore, in order to obtain a significant level of effectiveness with the limited amount of available support funds, no student shall be supported by the School of Industrial Engineering to an extent greater than one-half time appointment within the university, including Residence Hall Counselor positions. Students are expected to enroll each term for the maximum number of credit-hours of appropriate graduate study (course work and research) compatible with the Graduate School regulations in order to make a deliberate attempt to complete the degree requirements within the four year time span.