Below is the history and contributions the School of Industrial Engineering at Purdue has made to the world:

1930’s    IE emerging from the School of Practical Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, and the Department of General Engineering.

1935       Lillian Gilbreth became the first female engineering professor at Purdue.    Lillian and her husband Frank Gilbreth contributed  to the IE profession as pioneers in motion  study and human factors.

1955    School of Industrial Engineering and Management is founded at Purdue.

1956    First industrial engineering bachelor program is established at Purdue.

1959    First industrial engineering graduate program is created at Purdue.

1961    The School of Industrial Engineering is founded. New building from Heavilon Hall to Grissom Hall.   The entire IE program is established in this building.

1963    Purdue IE made international impact through the research on manufacturing with working computer-aided process planning.

1970    Professor Alan Pritsker led IE Purdue to the “Golden Age of Simulation” with several books and papers in computer monte carlo simulation.

1974    The Computer Integrated Design, Manufacturing, and Automation Center is created achieving IE Purdue prestige in computer manufacturing.

1980s   IE School Director James Solberg fosters new research in Intelligent Manufacturing System through a $17.5 million over five years and $80 million over the program life time NSF funding.  Purdue in the late 80’s began its impact on Health Care such as Professor Alan Pritsker contribution the United Network of Organ Sharing.

1986    IE Purdue second largest enrollment in the nation.

1990    U.S. News rank IE Purdue as #2 in the nation remaining on the Top of the Academic programs in the following years

1990s   Purdue continues its impact in academic and research in many areas such as manufacturing, operations research, human factors, and production system.

Today IE Purdue is addressing the world’s most important problems.   IE rethink philosophy is propelling IE Purdue to be at the frontier of our career, developing new concepts  and solutions in health care, system of systems, advanced manufacturing, energy, global sustainability, and information technology.


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