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    The microelectronics fabrication lab is where much of the design and fabrication for our research group occurs. It has a wide range of tools available for use. This includes machines for LTCC assembly such as a screen printer, punch, and several ovens. It also contains a stereolithography machine which is used to form arbitrary 3d shapes out of polymer. These parts can then be metalized and used as antennas, resonators, or ion traps. There is a milling machine and a lamination press which can be used to fabricate large scale planar circuits as well as patch antennas and similar devices.


    Equipment List: (click for more information)
  • Screen Printing System 
  • Precision Punch 
  • Manncorp Pick and Place
  • Fine Tek Pick and Place
  • Milling Machine 
  • Ceramic Ovens 
  • Magnetic Oven
  • Simulation Computer
  • K&S 784 Dicing Saw
  • K&S 648 Eutectic Die Attach
  • Nickel & Copper Electro-Pulse Plating
  • Copper Electroless Plating
  • Smartscope MVP 300 Optical Coordinate Measurement Machine
  • Wabash Genesis 30 ton Lamination Press
  • Solder Dispensing Robot
  • Buehler Grinder
  • Laser Ablation System

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